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Lives of great men all do remind,
Nothing is impossible for a determined mind.
A clear goal and a strong will - you'll agree,
Will make you what you want to be.

A clear head has a vision possible.
A strong mind achieves the mission impossible.
Never give up or lose heart on the way;
Face anything with courage - come what may.

Harness your inner strength and power,
Have confidence, courage and not despair.
Be positive and bold, with hope and trust.
And be ready to admit mistakes first.

He who is pure in thought, word and deed,
And strives hard, cannot but succeed.
Every good work would first face resistance,
Ridicule and protest, but finally acceptance.

Arise, awake, and stop not before your goal,
You CAN make your fate - with heart and soul.
For it's all in the power of your mind;
And good means always justify the end.


by Brinda

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