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Joyful India

Lo! the tricolour wafts up there!
A billion hearts lift up in the air!
India, my sweet, beloved country,
A land of joy to all and sundry.

A rich heritage built on tradition,
Enduring values maketh the great nation.
The spiritual land with a hoary past,
The pristine cultures so varied and vast.

The shining palaces, towering scrapers in view,
Keep you live both in the old and the new.
The verdant mountains and rivers abound in joy,
On a spiritual journey so great to enjoy!

Green fields dance, they at work on song,
Passing clouds romance, trees that animals throng.
The Nature's country lives in vilages
Whose pleasant folk sustain thro' ages!

My country is not one of prosperity,
But strong in unity amidst diversity.
And my real joy is not to be rich and greedy,
But to serve my fellow poor and needy.

Jai Hind.


by Brinda

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