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Speak the Truth and shame the devil;
Will rid the mind of all evil.
Truth is God, and God is One;
Truth will never die - it's Only One.

Truth is the armour to man,
In his journey through life.
Truth gives man his strength,
In his struggle and strife.

Truth shows in one's character,
In thought, word and deed.
Truth knows no fear or favour;
It's very deep indeed.

In the realisation of Truth,
Lies the goal of education.
A true person does not sway
Under any situation.

Gandhiji's life was a test of Truth;
Truth would triumph, he was so sure.
We still remember his life of Truth,
For Truth is so permanent and pure.

Leading a truthful life
Must be everyone's dream;
That society is the greatest,
Where Truth reigns Supreme.


by Brinda

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