The sun above is bright and yellow
On the phone we all say hello.

Oceans and seas are deep and blue
We should always be and honest and true.

The night sky is dark and black
To naughty children mummy gives a smack.

Roses are so pretty and red
After supper is time for bed.

The grass in the garden is wet and green
We should never ever be mean.

The milk we drink is ever so white
Little children should never fight.


Adding Colours

Adding white to black we get gray
Everyday to God we should

Adding yellow to blue we get green
Our house should always be tidy and

Adding white to red we get pink
Morning and evening milk we must

Adding yellow to red we get orange
After buying something we should count the

Adding blue to red we get purple
Mummy and Papa make a lovely


                                                                                    - By
Divya Jain                                                                                           Swasthya Vihar
 (BACK)                                                          Delhi - 92