Where Has The Peace Gone?


(Year 1950)

Life was so beautiful,
From morning to evening,
We enjoyed the road to school,
Birds chirped and
Peace lingered.

We were free to roam the city,
From every nook to corner,
All were friends- birds, animals
And we humans
Peace was gracious.

The minds of the people were clean,
The children played without fear,
The world was calm with no
dangerous threats
Peace danced.

What gorgeous days, I hope they had stayed.


(Year 2000)

Life is so insecure,
From afternoon to night,
We fear the road to school,
We may be kidnapped
Peace has gone.

We are forced to be in homes,
There may be destructive bombs,
Criminals are at large,
Nobody is to be trusted,
Peace has demolished.

People are disloyal,
The children are restricted to play,
We can’t have a sound sleep,
We may have a nuclear attack,
Peace is absent.

Where are those wonderful peaceful days?




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