I shall walk again

(On my second paralytic stroke)

When my arm refuses to move
When my left leg has gone astray
May I be permitted to express my mind ?
My mind ---
Any way I may ?

Yes, I cannot walk
I cannot move
Without other's help
But I can still think
I still look, read and write
I can yet help myself !

Thank you all
But I can yet help myself.

I can help myself
To my thoughts
Although I can
But hardly move
I still find
That I can
Live in my very own groove.

This is my
Second ordeal
I am on fire
May heat is on
I look to cloudy sky
To cool my thirsty mind
And walk again in my gardens.

A day will come,
When I shall walk.
I shall walk again
I'll thank you all then
For your efforts
That were not made in vain.

Thank you all
But I shall walk again.

By Sushil K. Chakravarty


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