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The Perfect Ganesha

It's not just about being someone's son..... the elephant-god also has a mind and body of his own. In fact, his whole being signifies bigger management principles.


hile Mythological studies knit stories of the Almighty's existence, human beings see the untainted potential of reading heavenly attributes in their own selves. Ganesha, the son of Shiva and Parvati, is thus the name given to the harmonious aacharan or characteristic disposition of man.
The Elephant God - The Ganesha Remembered and ritually worshipped before starting a new venture,Ganesha is the lord of removal of obstacles. Whenever one is in difficulty one could adopt Ganesha's principles of stress management.

The magnanimous elephant head of the Ganesha, represents wisdom, intelligence and a healthy mind capable of making sound decisions. Not in vain is it said 'thing before you speak or act", implying that Ganesha's huge head is identifiable with the need for a thoughtful and retrospective attitude. The big ears of this elephant-deity is symbolic of the echo produced by others' deeds and speech. It is said that half the dispute is resolved by lending a patient ear. Ganesha or Ganapati's (as he is known otherwise) small mouth represents the need for limiting dialogue and the vanity of chattering. Over-expression triggers needless problems which could be avoided by keeping shut.

Ganesha is the Guru of stressed individuals. Shiva's most promisomg spm, Ganesha by the virtue of his small eyes, highlights the need of a focused outlook in life. Such an outlook not only redefines and foresees the right goals but also relieves one from the stress-manifested episodes of one's life.

The long trunk identifies with the pwer of discrimination. The sensitivity of Ganesha's long nose has the strength to uproot a tree and the tenacity of picking up a pin from the ground. An individual should be capable of distinguishing good from bad besides the undaunted strength of over-coming all odds.

The external broken and the unbroken tusks of this elephant-god are a metaphor for balancing one-self through the losses and gains of lige. One must aspire to a mental stature in such a manner that the ups and downs may not deter one from honest endeavour. The balance of inevitable bliss and sorrow is also maintained to add spice to earthly existence. Further, the big tummy of Ganapati deva preaches the need for retaining information. Acquiring knowledge, utilising it and retaining it for years to come is the cruz of 'bigbelly commandment'.

The Char-Bhuja Dhari Ganesha further represents strength by virtue of his four hands through which he controls his attachment to desires and greed. Two of his hands which hold ropes, symbolise this control. The ladoo in one of the hands control earthly desires. The mouse sitting near the feet of Ganesha represents greed and gluttony upon which the Alminghty rides propagating the final control over evil.

Ganesha's physical traits are an assembly of the characteristics most required in an individual of substance. Disposition incarnated with the goodness of such features will result in success in life and will promote ailment-free survival. Specifically for executives, Ganesha's principles may in incorporated in a time-table format which will help in making the work atmosphere conducive and manger-worker relationships congenial.

Deciding the first day of the week (big ears) to hear all grievance and praise of the workers, the second for thinking and planning (big head) strategies to work upon and finally setting targets to be achieved may utilise three days of the week very constructively. Further a day devoted to evaluating loosses and gains (Ganesha's tusk principal) may help additionaly in business management. Relating the information and filing all pending work can affirmatively call upon the fifth day of the week, which works entirely on the principle of Ganesha's tummy, which is massive because it holds tremendous loads of information.

Contemplation, discrimination and judgement for the entire unit may take another day, leaving Sunday for retropection through meditation and yoga. One should strive and adopt Ganpati Bappa's principles of life mangament rather than merely worshipping hi. Life has much in store besides bothering about unnecessary qualms. Giving in to a disciplined attitude may assuredly dawn upon a peacefullife. Heaven is where you are, it's only a matter of perception that makes life seem as difficult as hell.

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