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nwljksa ds fy, thus okyk O;fDr egku gS


nwljksa ds thou dks
rqe dkVksa ls eqDr dj nks
vius thou ds lqeu lc
mudh jkg esa HksV dj nks
tgka cgrh gks vJqvksa dh unh lh
ogka [kqf’k;ksa dk cka/k rqe cuk nks
vatqyh Hkj lqjfHk ysdj
lcdk peu rqe egdk nks
tks djrk gS vius thou dk
d.k & d.k U;kSNkoj
nwljksa ds gkl ij foykl ij
gS ogh egkure
gS ogh egku&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&


fu/kh LksB

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