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ekrk dh cjlh


ekrh] vkt fdrus lky x, gSa chr
fQj Hkh yxrk ugha ;g Fkk vrhr
vkt Hkh mruh gh rktk gS vkidh ;kn
tSls gks ;g cl dy gh dh rks ckr
vkidh ;knksa ds lgkjs th jgs gSa ge
Hkqyk ugha ldrs vkils fcNM+us dk xe
vki vkrs gks gekjs liuksa esa cgqr ckj
firh Hkh gksrs gS vkids lkFk dbZ ckj
vka[ksa [kqyrs gh u tkus dgka [kks tkrs gSa vki
cPps vkids bdVBs gksrs gSa
bl fnu gj lky
ekaxrs gSa vkidh vkRek dh ’kkfUr
vkSj vius fy, vkidk vk’khokZnA


Lo.kZ lgxy

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