S - 6
(11th Standard)
Modern School.
Barakhamba Road
New Delhi (India)

How do I describe you my friend?
You surely follow the new trends

But why do I feel you're different
Not that I bear any resentment

No, not at all not in the least
Because I know your heart is not that of a beast

You still have that innocence
Although you've spoilt a lot in your adolescence

Why do I feel I can get that gold?
Which is hiding in you trying to be bold

Hurt me not once, but several times over
But still I don't feel you are betrayer

Why I am always in dilemma
Like this you've drained my stamina

Not that I hate you, but I pity you
Want to open your brains which you've have sued

Why is it that I feel that in your laughter?
There is this deep down sadness
No, you're not exactly careless
But you try to act bother less

Not that you don't have sentiments
But you are always running away from commitments

Why do you do this, I fail to understand
Maybe someday I'll get to know you better and take a firm stand