S - 6
(11th Standard)
Modern School.
Barakhamba Road
New Delhi (India)
My Best Athlete Trophy

Today I'd like to share something with my book of poems
Oh no! They aren't the same old theorems

Today I have something to tell you
Of course it's my best athlete, which had practically been sued

Not just a matter of weeks but a month's delay
To have out sports day and the much awaited relay

Winning the 200mts was not an easy task
With the first lane I was sure to come last

But with god's grace
I won the competitive race

How can I ever forget that victory?
Over people whose victory had been ancestry

Not that I now will be complacent with myself
But an athlete who's confident of oneself

This is not the end of my world
But surely a stepping-stone
For me to get to the Olympic throne