S - 6
(11th Standard)
Modern School.
Barakhamba Road
New Delhi (India)
The Pain Linger

The sorrows are never ending, the pain lingers

Everyday when I take a walk
And hear people talk
About their pains and sorrows
And no hope for tomorrow
They have lost the vigour to live life
The never ending burdens of children and wife
Their age doesn’t allow them to work
However the ego doesn’t want to be at merce

The sorrows are never ending , the pain lingers

I come across the crippled and challenged
Begging for death even when they aren’t at life’s fag end
I come across those ready to sweat for a piece of bread
The distance between life and starvation is that of a thread
I also see the fruit seller with his only bunch of bananas
Without the basic necessities of the tribes of Bahamas
I see the garland seller with his haggered flowers
Waiting with those eager eyes for the cars

The sorrows are never ending , the pain lingers.

I also see the saddened students with low grades
Struggling hard to be worthy of some praise
The walk continues and I see the depressed wives
Searching for ways to improve their married lives
I see the beggars with their out stretched lean hands
In hope of penny’s for their diseased glands

The sorrows are never ending, the pain lingers

I might be grudging before the walk
But when I’m back home I thank god
For a happy life , thank u again my lord!Battered