S - 6
(11th Standard)
Modern School.
Barakhamba Road
New Delhi (India)

I write this poem for every girl
Who once in her life gets caught in that swirl
I write this poem to define what love means to her
In love like guys she's not clever
Her eyes start searching for him when he's not around
Just one look of him so that she's sure he's sound
She starts dressing up more than usual
With her make up she stops being casual
She is over-whelmed when that day comes
When he looks into her eyes she feels numb
She is made happier day by day
She wishes him for every monthly gay
She feels she could not ask for anything else
She secretly starts dreaming of those wedding bells
She's keen know about the family members
Thinking one day they might be hers
Then that day comes when he asks her to leave
She breaks into pieces, as she is still naïve
She asks her herself the unanswered questions
She consents her herself as one of life's lessons
She tries to turn to a new normal
She then with every one is very formal
She is scared to be her true self again
Believes that another heart break would drive her insane
She thinks she's forgotten everything
But before going to bed she sometimes sings

Someone somewhere thinks of you
Someone somewhere cries for you
Someone somewhere feels you're true
Someone somewhere believes it can only be you
Someone somewhere wants your good
Someone somewhere is waiting to know the truth
Someone somewhere feels you can never go wrong
Someone somewhere still remembers you in her songs
Someone somewhere still searches for you
Maybe someone somewhere still loves you!