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It's not just for the pious, mantras can also help people in trouble. But the trouble is not many people know when to chant what.

The word mantra comes from Rigveda (Rik means mantra). Mantra can be divided into 'man' and 'tra'. Man refers to the mind and tra is the process thus the process to control / understand the mind is the essence of mantra.

Mantras could be single words or a whole sentence. The most widely used is Om or Aum. It is said that the first primodal sound produced at the time of creation was the syllable. Aum hence it became the first Mantra. The sound 'A' starts from the vocal chords, 'U' from the throat and 'M' when the lips are closed thus completing the passage of sound in our body. As such this is the longest and the fullest vowel. Aum embraces all the sounds within it and also represent the three states of consciousness viz., the waking state, the dream state and the deep sleep state.

The sound of Aum can be further broken down as 'A' for gross material world, which we perceive through our sense organs, 'U' or the subtle - your experiences, and 'M' stands for the unmanifest or the world of sleep. (For those who suffer from insomnia the best mantra is humming 'mmmm'). Constant chanting of Aum transcends barriers and connects us to the very source of existence or God.

Mantras are chanted or whispered in different combinations and contexts. And by this methodical expression certain patterns of energy or sound vibrations are released. However, it is imperative that one learns to use the correct pronounciations as well as the meaning of the mantra for the desired results to manifest.

According to our ancient texts mantras are the only way to achieve fulfillment of our aim and desires provided they are recited with complete faith. The correct recitation ensures the right vibration. Science today has discovered through Quantum Theory that when and atom is broken down to its millionth part it appears as a vibration. Therefore it is easy to deduce that the vibration of sound has a link to the core of all matter and all existence. A proof of this was our famous musician Tansen could thus induce rainfall or light up lamps by the sheer force of his ragas.

Samput are specific words used during the Gayatri Mantra for example "Aum Shreeng Hareey Shreeng" when added to the Gayatri helps to attain comforts and increases finances. "Aum Hareeng" helps to recover from diseases while " Aum Aing Hareeng Kaleeng" helps to overcome enemies and troubles.

Here are some commonly used mantras:

  1. For education / learning - "Aum Hareeng Hasoo Aum Sarasmatye Namah".
  2. For improving finance - "Oong Kareeng Hareeng Shareeng Laleeng Hasoo Jagtuprasutaye Namah"
  3. To attract peple - "Aum Chamude Tarutu Amukaye Akarshaye Akarshaye Swaha"
  4. To control Anger - "Aum Shante Parshante Sarva Karodh Pashnon Swaha"

These are many hooks as well as cassettes available on mantras.

Chant Commandments

  1. Have complete faith, loyalty and a clear conscience.
  2. Trust in Divine love and patience.
  3. Control over lower emotions of hatred, jealousy, anger, lust, greed and arrogance.
  4. Be detached from the fruits of labour.
  5. Never start under emotional despair.
  6. Do not start recitation on hearsay confirm authentic pronounciation from a learned person.
  7. Avoid sharing your experiences with mockers adn skeptics as they can negate your experiences, which are truly and absolutely yours.
  8. Gayatri Mantra is most effective when chanted without any specific aim.
  9. Have comfortable seating while chanting (the back should be erect).
  10. Ideal time for chanting is between 4 - 6 A.M.
  11. Make sure you chant on occasions like full moon, eclipse, Diwali, Dusshera, Holi, Baisakhi, Lohri etc because your favourable planetary positions.

    For further details contact: Rakesh Chawla at Institute of Vaastu Kala, H - 91, Connaught Circus,, New Delhi - 1. Phone: +91-11-3320972

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