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Craig's Story

Poor little Craig
He only wanted to be ‘cool'.
He just had to fit in
With the boys at school.

When invited to a party
His parents let him go.
Only under one condition
That they recited like so:

“Son, I want you to
Come back home alive,
So I am warning you
To please not drink and drive.”

“Life is very precious
Worth more than being ‘cool'
Because if you lost your limb or life
You'll be your number one fool.”

Craig promised his parents
That whether he was cool or a nerd
He would never drink and drive
So they let him go, taking his word.

If his parents only knew
That their son would never come home
That fate would take away
What they could truly call their own.

The party was wild
And it had begun to rain
But Craig had entered
With those words in his brain:

“Come home alive
Don't drink and drive”

But peer pressure got the best of him
Even with the warning in his head.
His brain pleaded for a soft drink,
But he took a beer instead.
“Just for a taste”, he said
As he opened the bottle to “try”.
Enjoy it while you can, Craig,
It will be hours before you die.

From “trying”, it went to “taste”
After “taste”, he couldn't even think.
From here on, all he wanted
Was “just another drink”.

He went off to his car
Thinking he was all right
Although his vision was triple
And he could barely see that night.

The storm clouds will soon kick in
To set the final scene
When Craig takes his final breaths
At the age of eighteen.

He gets in behind the wheel
Fumbles for his keys
Rolls down the windows
To feel the night's breeze.

Enjoy it while you can, Craig
Appreciate every breath
Because the minutes are counting down
Until your untimely death.

He starts the ignition
Puts the car into motion.
Poor Craig took the plunge
Into the deep drunk ocean.

Driving on the freeway
Thinking, “This night was my luck”
Until the wheel slipped from him
And he smashed into a truck.

Crash, noise
The smell of gas
Broken bones
Cuts, bruises
Airbags flying.
This is chaos
And Craig is dying.

He now remembers
The vow that he gave
But now his time is being cut short
What a path to pave.

“I'm so sorry mom and dad”, he says
“Please don't come to shame.
I'm sorry that I'm leaving you
With a grave that bears my name.”

“I am very sorry
For future sorrow and for my lies.”
Then he takes his final breath
And shuts his deep green eyes.

The paramedics arrive an hour later
The truck driver would be okay,
But they looked at Craig and said to each other
“It's a shame it ended for him this way.”

As Craig's parents heard the news
His mother breaks down in grief
“Why did you do this, son?” she shrieks
“Why did you make your life so brief?”

He never knew how precious life was
And ended it with one solid stroke
It all began with the confrontation
And the promise that he broke.

The story of foolish Craig
Who, by his family and friends, was cherished
He'll never know how cool he really was
Because now, he lies among the perished.

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