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Depression is.....

Depression is a state of mind,

Where happiness is left behind.

When you're all alone and feeling sad,

Reflecting upon those dreams you've had.


Depression is that urge to scream,

If you've failed to make the high-school team.

The need to cry when nothing seems right,

And you wish that you had to stood to fight.


Depression is the pain you feel,

When happiness seems too good to be real.

When nobody knows what you've been through,

Or no one's around that you can talk to.


Depression is that primal urge,

For your soul to submerge.

Life's too hard to bear,

Because everything's unfair.


The playing of the fife,

Telling you to end your life.

But imagining mother's cry,

Doesn't make you want to die.


So the healing begins,

As you cast away your sins.

Trying to mend old ways,

To see better days.


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