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If life is so “precious”,

Then why are so many ruined?

These are the homeless

The sick, the sufferers

And the suicidal.


If we should embrace what we have,

Why are so many people left with nothing?

Nothing to hold and cherish?

These are the orphans

And the disowned.


If God is so perfect,

Why does he let all of this happen?

Is it because He is “challenging” us?

Or is it that this world is simply unjust?


Who really knows?

Is life really precious to the extent of living it to its fullest?

No, that's why people screw up their lives.

Life can be either Heaven or Hell…

In just one move.


It's sort of like chess, isn't it?

One stupid move and you're either dead, imprisoned,

Or something or someone precious can be taken away from you,

And you can't do anything about it.


However, if you make the smart move,

Even if you hate it,

You may end up somewhere,

Or at least have tried.



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