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Life in the next K

Getting up early and reading the paper is not the best way to begin the day nowadays. With each day the problems the world faces grow more desperate and unendurable. So what does the future hold.

But, has anyone been able to inspect the future? There have always been people who have claimed to have the power of looking into the future. However, no one can say what the next 1000 years would be like.

Personally, I feel that fate plays a major role in our lives. There is a certain suspense in everyone's life, and that is what God intended. Do we really want to know what the future holds?

Picture this - an end to World Wars, no more homelessness, no dysfunctional families, political corruption and famine, and everybody being everybody's best friend. A world so perfect, nothing else could make it seem brighter. The perfect world. It is so easy for me to stand here, and hope and pray that this is what the world is going to be in the year 3000. However, if we think logically, it is easy to see that it is impossible for the world to be this way. Nothing is ever perfect.

Everyone would like to imagine a world that improves, rather than deteriorates. But what if the world stays the way it is ? Who can tell whether there would be poverty in the Third World, whether Britain would be ruled by a monarchy, or whether the Seven Wonders still exist ? From the significant developments of the past 1000 years, it is logical to contemplate that the earth will continue to develop as it has previously. And what about technology ?

As the minds of people mature, so will the technology which is being developed, and that leaves us thinking where we will be a thousand years from now. That is, if we are still living. Who is to say that in the year 3000, or perhaps even before that, man would have made his home on the moon? Nobody. Just like, for instance, in the year 1850 nobody could have said that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were going to land on the moon.

Of course, there is also the possibility of an alien invasion. Every human being looks at the future from a different perspective. The author, George Orwell, wrote his novel, 1984, giving his impression of what he thought the world would be like in that particular year. He wrote the book in 1949. 1984 has come and gone, and the world that Orwell described in his novel failed to materialise in England or America - thank God! Nevertheless, like it did in 1949, the book remains believable enough to frighten the reader.

It is good to have a positive outlook on life, but not overlook the hazards in the process. There is always the possibility that everything will go wrong for us... that the Millennium will bring destruction and a bad ending to the world. Open mindedness is important when thinking of such situations as destructions that may occur in the furute. Preparation for unexpected events are more likely to do us good than ignoring the chances of them actually happening.

It may be incorrect to think pessimistically of the next 1000 years, but all the pros and cons have to be weighed. But is there a point to weighing up these when we cannot be sure of the outcome ? No-one can foresee the future, so is there any validity in even thinking about it ? Which brings me back to the question - Where will we be a thousand years on ? Only time will tell.

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