Poetry Collection by Prabhat Verma
My poetry is not an opinion expressed. It is a song which either arises from a bleeding wound, or from a smiling face.


My Name is………………..

Been to the other side of human wit
Travelling faster them light peeping through any slit.
Seen places beyond any vivid trace,
I am wiser than your entire human race
I am stronger than your phony god,
I am the root of all discord.
I am larger than entire earth,
I show every man his true worth.
I end the life of every star,
Yet I hold power to heal every scar
I am oblivious to happiness and sorrow,
Yet I can look into your tomorrow.
To me life and death are alike,
Fear in gods & devils heart I strike
Self never changing, everything to convenience I bend
Was here from the start, will stay till the end
Raise kingdoms, then their depletion I sting,
I have fed upon lives of every king.
Void created me, nothing can stop my symphony,
Every living creature begs for my company.
I am everything, the only true school,
Cruelty personified, binding everything to my rule I rule
I have acted to perfection on all stages,
I bring upon the end to all ages
For you all call me TIME.


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