Poetry Collection by Prabhat Verma
My poetry is not an opinion expressed. It is a song which either arises from a bleeding wound, or from a smiling face.


My blood is freedom's stain,
On the barren face of slavery,
There shall be smile someday,
When independence shall dance with bravery.

I am a daydreamer, a beleiver,
Non-conformist, a rebel, ultimate optimist,
I see what my closed eyes have shown,
A nation which would be my own.

A search, on a voyage, a journey,
Constant travel of space and time,
From sunsets to red skies of dawn,
My country; all the un-wanted gone.

Caught in a reverie, blithe
A passion, a reality, my image within,
Do you hear the rear of the tempest?
A rolling thunder; calm before the storm.

But some day you shall see,
And hear you shall what now I hear
Maybe then thou shall realise the meaning,
And find a place to call your home.


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