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I am a butterfly. Though I have never seen my Mother I hope she is somewhere in the world. When my Mother laid eggs under a leaf, I was not born then. When my egg hatched, I was born as a caterpillar. I looked around and then my world was limited. There were many others like me. I slowly crawled down to the land and I ate and ate and ate!!!! I grew up. When I grew really big I went back where I was born and made a chrysalis. THREE WEEKS without any movement and in darkness. Horrifying indeed. But later I was born again as a beautiful butterfly.
Now my world is unlimited. I can fly in the sky with all my friends. Morning comes I go from flower to flower. I can see everything from the blue skies to the kids playing on land. Now its time for me to lay eggs. On my way hunting for a new leaf , here I go……

Prathik Nayar,
III rd std,
Bhavens Adarsha Vidyalaya,

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