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The Chick who had no Name
By Nethra Venkatesh

Once there lived a chick without a name. Everyday he asked some one to give him a name but everyone said NO because you are very mean. Everybody thought he was a mean chick but he wasn't mean. He was kind-hearted and shared toys with other chicks.

One day the chick met a lady. He thought she looked pretty and kind enough to give him a name. He went to the lady and asked to give him a name. She said Okay but first I have to check the magic computer to make sure that you are a good chick. Okay said the chick. She checked the computer. It said the chick is kind-hearted. The lady agreed to give the chick a name. His name was Allen. The lady also said the chick could live in her house. The chick said "Thank You". While Allen the chick and the lady were going home, the chick Allen told the lady that every one thinks Allen is mean. The lady just said, " who cares if every one thinks you are mean; I think your are the best chick I have ever met. If you have the faith that your are not mean, then you are not.

About the author

Nethra Venkatesh is an eight-year-old girl. She loves to read, go swimming and makes crafts & paintings. She lived in Chennai;-India but now she lives in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. She goes to an American School called Yanbu International School.