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Marianne’s adventure
By Nethra Venkatesh

Marianne was an eight year old girl with brown hair and twinkling brown eyes. She lived in London city, in blue mountain street.

There was something very odd about blue mountain street. It was that the street had a shrinking machine right next to the building where Marianne lived in. One day on a late Sunday afternoon, Marianne was walking past the shrinking machine, when suddenly she tripped on a rock and hit the controller of the machine. In a quick second, she was inside the machine. She got frightened and understood that she was not her own size. Marianne started to squeal " Help me – somebody!" she shrieked, " I am stuck in the shrinking machine". But nobody heard her because her voice was so wee and so was she about the size of a pea.

She looked around to see if there were any doors. Suddenly she spotted a tiny door. "Ah" she said relieved. "I can get out now; this machine makes me so hot". When Marianne came out she saw a bunch of toys. She thought that if she rode on some of the toys it would ease her up. So she did.

She saw a truck. She pushed it and jumped on quickly. "Wheee" she said while riding. Then she came across a toy snake and thought it was real. "Aaah" Marianne screamed hurrying away. Then she stopped. "Mmmm" she thought. The snake is not coming after me. Then Marianne found out it was not real and laughed aloud.

Marianne rode and played lots of other toys like the roller coaster and the Blonde Barbie. All of a sudden she spotted a ladder that led to the top of the controller. She climbed up and pressed the controller. Marianne got to her own size. "Yaay" shouted Marianne running to her house. She opened the door, saw Mrs. Spier her mom, hurrying out of her kitchen. "Where were you Marianne?" asked Mrs. Spier, "I was certainly worried". Marianne said "You ‘ll be so surprised when I tell you where I was" and she started telling her mom the story. "I am glad you are Okay" said Mrs. Spier " but I think you should be more careful next time".

And from that day onwards Marianne was as careful as someone in the deep-end part of the swimming pool.

About the author: Nethra Venkatesh is an eight-year-old girl. She loves to read, go swimming and makes crafts & paintings. She lived in Chennai-India but now she lives in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. She goes to an American School called Yanbu International School. You can send her mails at

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