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A Love note for my Partner


In all the miraculous world around me
And when I look deep within myself

In a poem I read, In a song I hear
I see you in everything I do And everywhere I go each day

And I know you will never be far

You will always be there for me
In all the beauty of just living
Through my joys and my sorrows
My triumphs and pain

Somehow I know.... that you'll always be there for me

I know because your love and your light
Will always be inside me... in my heart and my soul
Shining through... helping me face the world
And give to others what you gave to me

And joyful in my successes

And share this with others That need it so much
Just the way I did When you gave it to me.

I know that's what you wanted me to do
When you told me not to give up on my dreams
Not to quit writing and reaching out to others
In my unique way, that no one else has

So I will keep trying: For you, my love,
But also for me And for those that still need

What we both have to give.



by Sween Saini

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