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30m Indians Have Cardiac Risk

Compared to other countries, people of India have a much higher risk of heart attack. This is because of three reasons - sedentary lifestyles, high rate of uncontrolled diabetes and pot-bellied obesity.

And due to the high level of stress in day to day life, young executives in their 30s and 40s are falling prey to stress-related disorders and heart problems.

Most of this category of executives are said to be in senior or middle level managerial positions. Their nature of work exposes them to severe crises, risks and the need to take high power decisions.

As a result, stress related health disorders like high blood pressure, heart disease, psychiatric problems like anxiety and depression increase. In India, more than three crore people suffer from a heart disease and over 25 lakh die each year of heart attacks.

At a young age, blockages in the heart are non-critical or less than 50 percent and cannot be picked up by any available cost-effective technology. The tread-mill test and angiography are able to detect blockages beyond 70 and 40 per cent respectively. Everybody above the age of 30, and particularly men, should ideally begin to modify their lifestyles so as the incorporate heart friendly measures.

The Heart Care Foundation of India has organised a course for young executives in which they would be taught how to remain in good environmental, social, physical, spiritual and, mental health.

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