However, destiny had else stored for young Ashwani.
He could not pursue his writing carrer. The profession he chose did not allow him enough time to devote for his passion. Still he was able to write poems and the collections of his poems `Ram Rajya` was published in 1996.

This again provides a clear insight of his concern for human ethos and for the society`swell being and inbulit national fervor. Although a great success in his profession, the `creator` in him could not remain dormant for long. Year 2002 was the turning point in his life. He wrote yet another novel `Nai Subah` an emotional story of an Indian woman caught in the web of Indian traditions and cultures and her intense fight for survival against one after other situations that confronted her without respite.

Tet his historical work is his simplistics but effective translation of `Srimad Bhagwad Gita` in beautiful poetry `Kavita Mein Gita`. Its meaning is within the grasp of even a semi literate person. It is hoped this work will go a long way to transform the reader's life into a sublime one which in turn will shape our society inti a better mass. AND NOW HIS EFFORT TO MAKE AN AUDIO OF HIS BOOKS .......