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Busting brain clots through the groin

YOU WOULD think that the best way to treat a life-threatening malformation, blister or clot in the brain would be through surgery. You're right, but revolutionary advances in science and medicine have made it possible for doctors to treat such malformations through your groin. Most unlikely of places to conduct a treatment for brain no doubt, but this new, exciting and painless procedure ensures complete recovery of the patient with no morbid after effects. Leading international and national neurosurgeons swear by it and at long last patients looking to the West for treatment can now avail themselves of this super speciality treatment here at home. For leading hospitals around the country including Apollo Indraprastha in Delhi offer this treatment albeit at a price. A recently concluded conference on 'Interventional Neuroradiology' brought the internationally renowned pioneer of endovascular treatment of aneurysms (blisters in the arteries supplying blood to the brain), Prof. Jacques Moret to the Capital. The professor teaches neuro-radiology in the University of Paris and is the chief of interventional neuroradiology at the Foundation Opthalmique Adolphe de Rothschilde at Paris. He has the world's largest experience in treating aneurysms and is nothing short of a magician as he displayed his prowess with breathtaking ease to his wide-eyed audience of some of the country's best neurosurgeous, neuroscientists and specialists. As he describes his highly technical and sophisticated procedure it is "simply you insert a catheter in the groin, navigate it gently till you reach the blister, position the catheter in the affected sac or blister and deliver the tiny coils of special platinum wire. These coils prevent enlargement of the blister as well as treat it and have succesfully treated even the untreatable ones. The patients can go home after 48 hours with no ill effects. A life-threatening condition like this can be easily treated by this new technique and it is very popular in the US and Europe. It is available in India now and is definitely the better option as it is painless, requires no surgery and leaves the patient without morbidity," says Prof. Moret. At present about five endocascular procedures are being performed in speciality hospitals in the country to treat numerous kinds of brain malformation, haematomas and blisters. The most popular are Apollo (Delhi) KEM Hospital (Mumbai), NIMHANS (Bangalore), AIIMS (Delhi), Jaslok (Mumbai), says Dr. Anil P Karapurkar, senior consultant in neuro surgery and interventional neuroradiology at Apollo Indraprastha.

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