I Can Understand

I can Understand
More than anyone else can,
I have that tenderness some-where inside,
Which from you I try to hide,
I also have that sensitivity in me,
Although through time it is growing weak,
I have feelings too,
Which I don't want to show to you,
I know I am being rude,
I want you to think of me as shrewd,
Cause I don't want you to discover me,
To see what lies beyond this cover on me,
I don't want to be hurt any more,
The pain of betrayal has no cure.

By Kanika Batra


Look No Further

Look no further,
Don't give it a bother,
In my heart I have no secrets,
Except for a few regrets,
Never try and explore,
Deep inside the things I have stored,
Let me be secluded,
I cannot be conciliated,
I am a book full of questions,
Answers to which no one mentions,
Why waste your time,
I am not divine,
Leave me as I am,
Rules of modern friendship I cannot cram.

By Kanika Batra


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