At the crack of dawn,
A new day is born.
The owls yawn.
Baby deer is called a fawn.

Little birds woke,
To each other they spoke,
“Good morning, good morning”
Slowly the sun started shinning
Spreading heat and light,
With all its might.

The cattle moo in the meadows,
Squirrels play in the trees’ shadows,
Little calf jumps around
It’s mother, who is bound.

The farmers’ in the fields,
Busy counting their yields.
And lazybones are still asleep,
Dreaming of bleating sheep.

By Meera Krishnan



Carrot, cabbage, and potato,
Spinach, radish and tomato,
All live in freedom,
In the vegetable kingdom.

Black brinjal is their King,
Who always sits on a swing.
Brainy Chilli – the chief minister
Capsicum is his sister.
Ladyfinger – an attendant,
To the Queen who wears a pendent
Cauliflower, beetroot and pumpkin,
Protect the vegetables’ kith and kin.

 Together they all stay,
Happy and gay.

Lives of human kind
Depends on vegetables of all kind.
Body’s vitamins and mineral needs,
Are met from vegetables’ flesh and seeds.

-By Meera Krishnan


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