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I really like this site. It is a great service. I am an American learning Hindi, so it is a great resource for me.
(AJ Oliver)


Dear Sir,
Thank you,I have downloaded all 19 chapter of Gita which is very interesting I really enjoy.
I am a devotee of Lord Krishna, I was looking for a mantra on lord Krishna,mantra to recite hawan a simple one if you could pls forward me one such.
( Govind Singh, - Fiji Islands)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I was going through your website and read Mr. Verma's poetry and I was
deeply touched. I liked it so much that I could not stop myself and I wonder
if it is ethical for me to do so, but would it be possible to obtain his e-mail so I
can write my thanks to him directly?
( Usha R.)

ashwani ke mukh se nikla har swar or bhav alokik hai. isi bhav ko banaye rakhna bhi ek sadhna hai. ishwar kare apki sadhna sidh ho. waise swar sidhi to shayad ap prapt kar hi chuke hain. iska vitaran bhi sidhi ke samananter kar lo to samaj lijiye ke apka yeh yogdan apko supersidh lekhak Munshi Prem Chand ji ki katar men la khada kar dega. apka paryas safal ho ishwar se yeh prarthana hai.
(Ranbir Rathaur)

Dear Sir,
I found your site to be easily navigable. The pages are easy to read and pleasurable for the eyes. I did listen to a number of different items. The audio quality is very good. The spoken word comes through very clearly and the backround music is very nice. Thank you for this service.
(Paul Ackermann)

Let them grow up to be one of the many good youths here in the world, who
don't have any bad influences from others. Who don't smoke, drink and
more. Nor, occasionally. For the best care;
(Roselyn Mansueto)

I would like to say that I really like this website. For me as a Hindustani in
The Netherlands it is great to be able to listen to poems and novels in my fathers
language (I have a Dutch mother and an Indian father) without any strange accent of some Surinami Hinduistani dj on the radio.
If it would be possible to sell the books eg. as Ebook on the website,
I could also practice my reading, while listening to the audio files.
It would also be great if there would be some newsletter that informs
loyal visitors when new poems or chapters are added to the site.
Keep up the great work!!!
(Rama sweys) 19-Mar-05,   7.27am

It is been a great pleasure in going through all the material. Infact I have gone through each and every poem direct from the site. However, your "Swar hi Ishwar hai and Anand" are enthralling and real music to the mind. God bless you with more such insights and more melody in your voice.
(Ranbir Singh Rathaur) 1-Mar-05, 3:09pm

Hi,  A good site for children,not only for them but also good for parent who want to teach own children!
(Rakesh Dayal) 31-JAN-2005, 1:19pm


Dear Sir,
I would like to congratulate you on the excellent work "Kavita mein Gita" This is the best I have ever heard. Please let me know how can I order it.
(Pankaj) 20-JAN-2005,  3:56pm

Its a faboulous site i really loved the sound and the music clarity doing good job mate. keep it up
(Ankur Gautam) 20-Jan-05, 9:59

The Site is too good but need some more features as before downloading it is not prompting to save the file on the desired location as far I have seen, Its a gr8 plzr to get whole Gita Audio in Hindi from ur site, Its contents and the quality is very nice. Try to get some more spiritual data in it. This is a gr8 movement to give the Gita Audio online.  Keep it up.........
(Krishna Singh) 18-Jan-05, 10:25am


This is a great Site to look upon... I am impressed the way it is designed... Great...!!
(Rajeev) 8-JAN-2005,  6:16pm

Dear Ashwani,
In Nai Subaha, you experienced the agony of Dev and Veena. All the characters are peeping out of real life and well depicted. It delighted me to see some Hindi books in the Liverpool Library of Sydney Australia and yours one amongst the authors of high repute. Congrats!
Your publisher did well to have printed the book in a bold font.
Krishan Madhok 08/01/05, 7:03 AM at Sydney


          BINA BANSAL
          .......Living at Present IN SUDBURY ONTARIO, CANADA

"A Letter from a Well-Wishes"  

Your Father is not Well  
He lost all his memories
But you,
- He does nothing but calls you
He is speechless
He is motionless.
- You know
He is Eighty Six
But acts like
Not older than Six !
He calls you
He wants you.  
Whole family is here,
But you are absent
for long sixteen years 
Lord Rama was in exile
For FOURTEEN years.
Yours is passed Sixteen years
Rama could not see his father,  
It was a curse for King Dashrath,
No one here exiled you
-     Then why HE is suffering
When you left  
-      You left as a bride
-      Like an obdient daughter
Now you are grown old  
You have a son
And beautiful daughters ....
He has now empty mind,
Playing like a child,
But at times
Searches for his daughter
-      A beautiful doll
-      A beautiful daughter
He may not recognise you,
He may not at all treat you
But needs you
He wants to meet you
Just show him your face
He may have a
Peaceful journey to thee!

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