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"The Therapy of Cheerfulness " ------ by Moin.H

The story is told of a man who, When a child of two, lost his eyesight. For almost thirty years, he lived in utter darkness. He was denied the joy of beholding the beauties of nature - the bubbling brooks, the swaying of trees, the richness of many-hued flowers, the splendor of the morning sun and the serenity of the sunset. At the age of 32, he had a cornea transplant, which gave sight to his unseeing eyes. Suddenly, he found himself in a new world of beauty and radiance.

"What are your immediate reactions, now that you are able to see?" He was asked.

"So long as I dwelt in darkness, I always imagined that the faces of most men around me were bright, cheerful. Now that I am able to look around, I am shocked to find that most faces are sad and glum. Scarcely do my eyes behold a cheerful, smiling countenance. Children, I find, are happy and bubbling with joy. But when they grow up, their smiles disappear, their joy evaporates."

Today, many doctors are of the view that if a man is happy and light-hearted, cheerful and contented, positive and uncomplaining, disease will not draw close to him and, even if it does, it will not stay with him for long.

"Laughter," says Dr. Wilde, "provides a rhythmic movement of the abdominal muscles, gently massages the intestinal organs, improves digestion and blood circulation."

At the Harvard and Yale Universities of America and at the UCLA's Neuropsychiatric Institute at West Los Angeles and at several other research institutions, neurobiologists and medical researchers have confirmed that smiling, laughing and cheerful expressions set in motion happy waves in the mind stuff and generate neuropeptides which revitalize the immunity system to prevent and fight disease. People who are free from jealousy, envy, greed, are more healthy than people who lead cloistered, unhappy lives.

New clinches and prescriptions given by modern physicians are being displayed in hospitals and clinics. "Laugh your way to health"; "Laughter may be hazardous to your illness"; "Cheerfulness is the new Wonder Drug" are some of them.

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