Dear Deepak,

This is unique story.You are right in saying that Anil is like a younger brother to me and all these years he had a special place not only in my office but in my life.

But he had some strange circumstances and did certain things which are unbelievable for anybody who knew our relationships. Was it under some pressure or only for his greed for money? I m still unaware of it.

No doubt there was slackness of business but in no way I withed the staff salaries. I always held myself responsible and never ever stopped the benefits of my staff. Rather I kept myself cheerful, so that all of my staff should not feel disturbed.

I have few things to tell you, but request not only you but to Amita also to keep them to yourself, as I donot want to disturb him anymore. He played with my blind faith and cheated (!) me since last five years.

It is a painful story. The story which I gathered from the records and he confirmed it slowly.

First it happened when I told him to get the share stock of different companies dematerialised. He did the same but the blunders which he committed earlier for short gains, came to my knowledge.

He had all the records and I never questioned him about the dealings. It is difficult to write all the details but in short I would like to put it in writing. Money loss I can recover but what I lost in reality cannot be recovered now. I told him to reveal everything but failed. It was later, upon his leaving the company, I got some part of the information about the mistakes.