We always pray for favours from the GOD. Whenever we are in distress, we bow our head and beg for His help. We request him for happiness and for the removal of our sorrows. We always says, “O GOD! Give us happiness. Fulfill our desires.”

We seldom ask for purification. We never wish to see that by purification of our heart, our thoughts we shall overcome all our sorrows.

Let us make a habit of praying to GOD for Purification. Let GOD help us in purifying our souls so that we can face all hurdles with open heart, so that whatever we see as hurdle shall look like a Task before us. We should make ourself only positive thinker and should pray to GOD with one sentence that “May GOD PURIFY OUR THOUGHTS”. We should not describe ourself as perfect and should not always seek favours to fulfill our desires. Rather we should always say to the Supreme Authority to purify our thoughts, purify our actions, purify our will power, so that we should feel elevated and shall devote our life to complete the job assigned to us for the betterment of the surroundings.


6 th August 2003


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