The Price of Loyalty
 Samba Spy Scandal

Samba Spy Scandal This book is a shocking spine-chilling first hand account of the rot that prevails in the Indian Army; of the brutal and inhuman torture inflicted on the officers and men who were falsely implicated in the so-called Samba Spy Case; and of the dishonour and immense suffering these unfortunate victims have had to undergo. A number of them, including the author, were jailed, and others dismissed from the service. A striking feature is that the civil Intelligence Bureau authorities stead fastedly stuck to the truth and refused to bow before Army incompetence. Their actions, vindicating the innocence of truthfulness and professional honesty. The recent expose in the national press and on TV, highlighting the innocence of the victims brings out that it is always on the qui vive to vindicate right.

The account is a true exposure of the intrigues, corruption, greed, insensitivity, cowardliness, disloyalty, which mark the fabrication of the so-called Samba Spy Case.

The book is an essential reading for the country's leadership and the public who ought to know and judge the truth. It ought to be a text-book for the Army and defence administrators who are vested with vast powers over the destinies if those who man the army, and whose sacred duty is to be just and fair to those who give their all in the services of the motherland.

The author was born on 5 February 1945 in Himachal Pradesh State. Whilst studying in DAV College, Hoshiarpur, he gave up his studies to join the Indian Army. In 1962 due to patriotic fervor. He saw active service in 1965 and also in 1971. He was commissioned in 1969 in the Garhwal Rifles. The misfortunes and vicissitudes he ahs undergone followed in the wake of his posting as an Intelligence Officer at Samba (J & K State). He was falsely implicated in the infamous Samba Spy Case court-martialled by the Army and jailed in 1980. This book was written by him in Central Jail, Tihar, and is now being published. He has undying faith in the motto: "Satyam eva Jayate".

After his release from Jail in 1989, he struggled against heavy odds to rehabilitate himself and his family, which suffered enormous hardships. Today, he is the Managing Director of Servel Security Service and also of the Brown Dart Courier which are the two divisions of Servel Express Services (P) Ltd. His wife, Swaran, and two daughters Ritu and Rakhi, asist him in his business.

Captain Ranbir Singh Rathaur

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