There is so much written about how dangerous oil/fat is that many people who have a family history of heart problems take it to the extreme and completely eliminate them from their diet.

       Medically speaking fats/oils are required in the body for formation of nerve sheaths, cell membranes and certain hormones.  Fats/oils are also required for the absorption of vitamins such as Vitamins K, A, D and E.  Therefore, severe restriction of fat can result in multiple deficiencies.

      But the question remains – what is the best way to fight cholesterol build-up ?

Cardiologists worldwide recommend some of the following:

  • Decrease but do not eliminate the total oil/fat content used for cooking, to an        acceptable limit.

  •  Use the right balance of poly-unsaturated (sunflower oil, corn oil) and
          mono-unsaturated oil (olive oil).  Keep rotating you cooking oil.

  • Stop white sugar, as it is converted to triglycerides which are responsible for fat metabolism.

  • Increase both soluble fiber (as in oat bran, guar gum) and insoluble fiber (found in wheat bran) fruits and vegetables.

  • Meat lovers should try fish as an healthier alternative as it has a role in keeping the cholesterol build-up in check.

  • Quit smoking (no alternatives).

  • Try learning anti-stress techniques (like meditation).

  • Moderate activity like walks is the best exercise ever done.


         Every few years the market is deluged with a variety of slimming drinks claiming quick and easy weight loss.  They sound attractive and promising for those looking for an easy way out to lose weight.   But did you ever stop to think on how safe these drinks are  and what is the basis of their tall claims?  Give it a serious thought and you will be able to figure it out for yourself, and don't forget to keep a lookout for the technical/buzzwords which are the answer to your query !

Type I
Healthy Herb Drinks : Garchinia

      ‘Garcinia Cambodia' is a herb which most fruit/soft drinks company claim interrupts the conversion of sugars to fat in our metabolic cycle.  One must understand that all our metabolic cycles are very complex interconnected pathways, and any compound – herbal or n on-herbal – which interrupts a pathway will cause over-accumulation of certain key interim compounds that may lead to side effects.

      It is always  better to cut down on starchy and sugary foods in the diet than to depend on metabolic blockers to do the job.

 Type II
Weight-Loss shakes containing appetite depressants.

   Such shakes prove  to be more dangerous because they actually suppress the appetite.

   They contain certain compounds/chemicals which not only lead to dangerous side-effects but later on lead to rebound excessive weight-gain.  So, if a fried claims that she lost weight by just drinking shakes which also controlled her appetite – watch out!

Type III
Slimming Shakes

    These shakes are very nutritious and contain a high level of protein and multi-vitamins.  They help in losing weight if they are consumed instead of a regular meal.  Such formulae work on the Meal Substitution Theory.

    But remember that even on such formulae, dietary restrictions are still to be followed.  These shakes, though healthy, don't suppress appetite, so the ability to overeat is still there.



      To know what yoga is we must first know what it is not.  It is not magic, a sleight of hand or a trick of the minds.  It is not a mere system of physical exercise, through they form a part of it. It is certainly not a dogma or an obscurantist, cultist practice or any kind of voodoo ritual.  It is not sanyas or life-negating, through continued practice of yoga does help the practitioner to seek the goal of mukta, liberation.

     While yoga is not a system, which leads to withdrawal from the world, it is equally not targeted at bhoga, sensual enjoyment.  Yoga is not practiced to turn away from the simple pleasure of life as such, but to turn inwards and above all, to get in touch with oneself and, through that self, with the whole world.

What, then, is yoga?

  • Yoga is a way of life, which helps you to live in the present, for that is all you have.

  • It is a universal science, which goes beyond all barriers of sex, gender, caste and creed.

  • It is away of conscious evolution and holistic realization.

  • Yoga is practical manual for self-knowledge and discovery of one's true and unique potential.

  • It is a science of consciousness.  And above all, yoga is a process by which we can free urselves from the grip of the senses.  Through yoga, we achieve the biggest tool for helping us live our lives meaningfully – awareness

  • Yoga teaches us how to end all tensions by means of attention.

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