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Cancer Of The Breast Can Be Cured With Minimum Surgery

A New technique can cure women in advanced stages of breast cancer without the complete removal of breasts, a Delhi - based surgeon has said.

Dr. Sameer Kaul, a senior cancer surgeon at the Indraprastha Apollo hospital who has devised the technique, said that large cancers in the breast could now be fast reduced by adjusting chemotherapy and through new surgical techniques.

"Instead of the earlier procedure where the entire infected breast had to be removed, only the cancerous lump with a rim of normal tissues now needs to be removed.

"Even the axillary lymph does not have to be removed if the sentinel node is not affected by the cancer. The method is perfectly safe," he said.

"In case where an entire breast has to be removed, the tissue from the woman's underbelly or shoulder can be easily used to reconstruct it immediately through microvascular surgery.

"The surgery will have to be extended by a few hours but the patient will not have to suffer the trauma of breast removal," he said.

For long, breast removal has been the only treatment for an advanced stage of breast cancer.

Dr. Kaul advised that medical screening of breasts be done regularly to detect the cancer at an early stage.

Mammography can reveal harmless and malignant tumours, which can be much smaller and may not be felt as a lump, by a woman or even by a doctor.

If the tumour is small and can be detected at an early stage, the chances of the patient getting cured completely are extremely high. Dr. Kaul said that the importance of regular breast screening could be seen from the fact that breast cancer is the second major cause of deaths among Americans. One in every American woman suffers from the cancer. "Early detection offers women a greater chance for cure. By the age of 35 years, women should get an annual breast examination done."

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