If it Ever Happens....

If it Ever Happens,
When you stand out in the evening
and don't realise that its already night.
When your eyes are open but there's nothing in - sight.
When somebody calls you from the back
and you don't hear a sound
When somebody touches from behind
and you don't turn around
When the blowing wind gently caresses you hair
and they too dance as if
moving in a prayer.
When you don't hear yours, but only
the clock's heart beat.
When salt doesn't tastes salty,
when sugar doesn't tastes sweet.
When you don't feel the pain,
of a needle prick
or that caused by a burning
candle wick.

When you forget that you hold a matchstick
still burning in your hand.
When you start following them back,
your footprints in sand.
When your yesterday, sweetly
whispers in your ears,
When your memories flow down
your cheeks as tears.
When nostalgia eclipses the heart and mind
and it focus them on the gone time.
When your thoughts run randomly
like a prisoner set free,
or float swiftly like sunlight
on quiet sea.
When you thick of those close to thee,
Just make a brief...
a brief reference of me.

By Divya Soni


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