It is not a easy task to remove ones doubt towards the existence of GOD. The mind always searches in the dark and makes different stories, make illusions and try to satisfy itself with its own thoughts or experiences regarding the existence of GOD. At times he agrees to his thoughts and at times he disagrees to his own thoughts. When he disagree than he may not be ready to listen to others speaking in favour of the existence of GOD in any form in this universe.

But believe me, GOD is there. It is there in the form of our deeds, our efforts, our activities, our desires, our love in every form.

GOD never descends on this earth planet in any form without any supreme cause. Rather it is always there in everyone's life, at any time, whenever you think about him. He is present everywhere or you may think that He sends its signals through our own mind, through what we talk or hear, through our teachers, through our preachers, through our parents and at times through strangers.

You must have sometimes witnessed a vacuum in your life, a movement when the mind becomes empty, without any solutions, when you are in distress, full of sorrows, with full of depression and there at that very moment a Turning Point comes. You comes across a Stranger, who all of a sudden gives you a piece of advise, who tells you a new solution or hands over you a new instrument to work again, and a new way to live cheerfully. You listen to him. You adopts his suggestions and starts a fresh. You see yourself as a Winner. You see yourself full of happiness, you see yourself full of energies again and you are ready to go ahead in your life.

That stranger, you see was none other than the GOD itself! He descended on this earth for you for a moment, gave you advise through a medium and Vanished. He does this every day, every moment, not only for you but for everybody and completes his job and goes ahead to help someone else.

It is His job ---- But who assigned it to Him? None other than Himself. It is He who understands his duty towards mankind or towards this universe. Like the life goes on, like the sun never sets, like the stars always shine, so is the GOD. It never goes away from our life it is always there in one form or some others.

He is for everyone. He is for the universe ---yet He is your own –very personal – as a personalized gift to you. He is always there – in form of a Stranger or in the form of someone you love the most. It is upto-you to understand him. You can see him always or you can avoid him always, but whenever you demand Yes not-only pray whatever -you demand with love, he is always present. Because, He is a humble friend, never complains. He loves you always. He never betrays you. Don't you feel he always gives you positive feelings?

You may call yourself a Devotee of GOD but don't you see him as a devotee of mankind? He is always there to serve you, He is always there to help you, to give you advise, to gives you all what he can give and at times what-you demands out of even your greed. Still you have a doubt that he is not there! Remove your doubt he is there.




        7 th August 2003


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