Man loves a woman, woman loves a man
Love a devotion is the master plan.
To express your love needs some culture
It's not a game of prey and vulture,
Life is not sex and boy/girl friends,
It is offered by God to make historic trends,
Lets create golden history for the future,
Or not just forgotten by people just like a
simple creature.

By Ankush Davar



My heart is set on fire
to get you is my desire,

When you were far away,
I didn't sleep at night nor in day

I was in great pain,
Tried to come there but all in vain

I felt lonely and depressed
This made me obessed.

The agony which I don't wanna bear,
That I'm here and you are there

Promise me, it won't happen again
If it happens I will die under under a train

Baby please be mine...
And do phone me after half past nine.

By Ankush Davar


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