Placed on a beautiful, craved table,
A huge old musical clock I am,
Sturdy and stable,
Standing in the museum hall, I hum.

A puppet band is there to chime,
Out the correct time.
Every hour when the band master gives a beat,
Out comes music sweet.
A puppet man with a hammer to hold,
Announces the time to the world.
Out comes a cuckoo from its suite,
To sing the time in a voice so sweet.
Around me the visitors gather,
Around me, the children gather.
They look with awe and surprise,
And talk about my huge size.
Hour after hour people wait,
To hear the time I state.

By Meera Krishnan



Born in an egg so small,
Emerging in the world as caterpillar,
You become fat, big, and may fall,
Green leaves acts as your stomach filler.
You hide as pupa in the cocoon,
As a beautiful butterfly, you will come out  this noon.

With bright, dazzling wing
Among flowers in the wind you swing,
Sucking nectar from the flower
Colourful and gay,
Happiness you shower
Around in the month of May.
Flying to the lands far and near,
Spreading bliss among ones close and dear.

-By Meera Krishnan


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