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The Little Clever Pigs
By Aakanksha Kapoor

I am the Cleverest Pig There were three little pigs. Their mother wanted to go for shopping. She told them to play in the mud pool till she comes back. The pigs went to the Jungle and jumped into the mud pool. Suddenly a wolf saw them playing in the pool. His mouth started watering and he started feeling hungry. He came near them and cleverly told them that if they will come with him he will show them a beautiful place in the Jungle for playing. The youngest pig was very clever. He smelled something fishy. He told the wolf that it would be their pleasure but they would like to take a bath first. The wolf liked the pig's idea. He thought it is better to eat clean pigs. He allowed the pigs to take a bath and rested himself under a tree. In no time he fell asleep. The pigs tied him with a rope. As they were to run away their mother also came. They told their mother the whole story. Their mother patted the little little pigs and happily went back to home.

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