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I am Proud of being a WOMAN

I feel hurt when I see people getting depressed on birth of girl child and I feel more dishearted when I see even mothers feeling the same way and having a burning desire of being blessed with a son. Why? Why a female cann't feel herself proud. Woman is the best part of universe. These lines are for that every woman who is unaware of her strength, value and I request my species to be proud of their existence as:

Be a woman of SUBSTANCE.
A woman who knows who she IS and where she is GOING.
One who can weather the storms of life and come out on top.
She knows who her MAKER is and puts her FAITH and TRUST in Him,
not in her circumstances. Her life is full of DIRECTION --not aimless activities.
She knows her PRIORITIES and sees to it that they are done.
She works with her HANDS to bring forth beautiful gifts.
She knows the VALUE of her work and of herself. Her family lacks for nothing for she knows who her PROVIDER is. Many people call her blessed, especially her husband.
Her actions bring HONOR to him. SHE IS HIS CROWN.

An excellent wife is the crown of her husband.

Be a woman of VIRTUE.
A woman filled with WHOLENESS and PURITY.
One who is not swayed by the opinions of others but who knows what is RIGHT and what is WRONG.

Be a woman of BLESSING.
Receive from God what He GIVES to you.
Take and receive it with an OPEN HEART. ACCEPT it.
Be THANKFUL for the Lord loves you.
Accept His GIFTS graciously with all PRAISE and THANKS to Him,

BE a woman of EXCELLENCE.
One who CARES ABOUT and LOVES others. She stretches out her hand to the needy and the sick. She is a woman of GOOD CHARACTER and STRENGTH. She is someone you can DEPEND upon. She fills her days with thoughts of others and what she can do for them. Her family is well taken care of. She loves them and it shows. She brings much HONOR and GLORY to her HUSBAND. Her husband loves her dearly and he rejoices because he has found her and found favor with the Lord.

Be a woman of SOCIAL GRACE.
One who is UPRIGHT and filled with INTEGRITY. She is HONORED and well RESPECTED by others. She lends a hand to the needy. She is in a position to help others and she reaches out to them. She maintains her home well and is her husbands' "RIGHT HAND" and HELPER. She is a partner to HIM and does him good, not harm, all the days of her life. She reflects his GOODNESS and KINDNESS and men look up to him and respect him because of the "beautiful gem" he is crowned with. She respects and loves him and has his best interest at heart at all times. She serves him and clothes him with GENTLENESS and MEEKNESS. Her husband is well respected at the city gates because she brings honor to him. She is the glory of God in his life.

Be a woman of BUSINESS.
One who operates on KINGDOM PRINCIPLES. She TRUSTS in Him for her increase. She works DILIGENTLY and WISELY with her hands and has good business sense. The Lord is her COUNSELOR in ALL business decisions. She relies on Him for HIS WISDOM and TIMING. The Lord makes her ventures prosperous.

You are a woman of BEAUTY.
One who's beauty shines from DEEP WITHIN. You are filled with God's GRACE and CHARM. It flows throughout you, it is you. LOVE rumbles and roars throughout all of you and reaches out to others. Your actions, your words speak LOVE. You are filled with INNER STRENGTH. You are PATIENT and have learned to WAIT. LOYALTY and TRUSTWORTHINESS are strong within you. KINDNESS is shown to others.

You are a woman of SPLENDOR. One who TWINKLES and SHINES like the stars in the sky. You RADIATE and SHINE. Love flows from you-- in branches off to others. Others are attracted to this LIGHT that comes from you--it is the LIGHT OF PURE HEART. It burns BRIGHTER and DEEPER with each passing day. So Rejoice your existence as you are the excellent part of universe.


by Sween Saini

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