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Missing You

Losing my self control,
I run to your side
And you save me...
My imagination runs wild
I begin to laugh again
With you

On the edge of the cliff
I am tempted to fall
But you always catch me
And wipe my tears away
I feel so loved
I love you

In the middle of a breakdown
I want to disappear
Yet, there you are
Loving me, caring for me
I always want to be seen
Around you

The worst day of my life
I wanted to die
But you were here for me
Fighting during the storm
Comforting when calm
Thank you

I was riding on self doubt
I wanted to weep
Then you came
Removing all traces of sadness
Restoring my love and faith
Through you

When I am thinking of you
I want to see you
So I imagine you here
With kind words of wisdom
And an open heart
I miss you


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