Poetry Collection by Prabhat Verma
My poetry is not an opinion expressed. It is a song which either arises from a bleeding wound, or from a smiling face.


My goober and my host,
I have ferried too long
And I know that I exhaust thy patience a little,
But shall I become invisible to you?
Or shall I remain locked for some more time?
Or shall I break the chains and fly?
I know not what to do and go shall I but where?
Clock is ticking and time is close at hand.
As days pass by I see the silver lining,
The last ray of hope on the gloomy azure dark as death and deeper them all that is black.
How long shall thou drag me to places I need not wish to go?
How long shall thou feed me with all that I need not wish to swallow?
And how long shall I face the pangs of self induced loneliness away from my own? Then you ridicule me by saying “enjoy your happiness & freedom.”
Where do I find freedom?
Shall I search amid society where every single one is a slave until he/she commits something unusual and is branded a criminal?
Or shall I look for it in the deepest of deep oceans,
Where even the last breath suffocates?
Or shall I look for it on the top of the highest mountain,
Where ascent is dubious and precarious to the extremist of extremes and descent impossible?
Shall I look for it in my God self which walks over and above all that lives,
Or shall I look for it in my pygmy self completely morbid and degraded?
Or look shall I in all that we call human?
There is no paragon and there is no Jehovah.
I am merely a marionette like you all pulled by forces all around that we call Preternatural.
Why does water flow?
Only I know the answers and it is only I who don't.
And only time decides when I remember and when,
What and how I forget.
I am just trapped in the tow worlds revolving around me.
Love on one hand and gold on the other.
A difficult choice patiently awaits my judgement.
Judiciously shall I choose; or atleast I hope so.
Shadows like swords hang over me.
Umbra and penumbra.
One too black to see and the other too bright to.
What crossroods!


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